See who is interested at target accounts

Sly Insights

  • Real Time Notifications

    Know the second your prospect shows intent to buy.

  • In Depth Engagement Reports For Marketing And Selling

    Sales teams can react intelligently while marketing perfects their story.

  • Prospect Analytics & Ratings

    Know how your prospects are engaging content across your network.

  • Video, URL & Document Analytics

    Understand exactly what your prospects find most engaging and what they glazed over.

  • Engagement Graph & Heat Maps

    Understand your prospects digital body language to tailor your follow up and have more relevant conversations.

A solutions that works with your current stack

Cunningly Adaptable

  • Convert Everything To Trackable Links

    Convert all videos, URLs, and documents into trackable links in seconds.

  • Unlimited Uploads

    We get paid when you see results, not when you upload content.

  • 100% White Labelled

    Make your mark and leave an impression by using your branding (not ours).

  • Unlimited Tracking

    Go bananas and track everything. you will be on the fast track to sales success.

  • Internal Content Reports

    Automated reports made for marketers. Get more data without lifting a finger.

Features that have

Clever Controls

  • Custom Domains

    Send out content using your company’s domain. Domain acknowledgment-- yeah, it’s a thing.

  • Lead Capture Forms

    Easily capture your prospects through clever email collection forms or clickable CTA’s.

  • Online Support

    If at any time you’re in a jam, we’ll be by your side. Access online support whenever you need us.

CloseFox has

Foxy Integrations

We built integrations to seamlessly fit into your daily workflow to make your sales cycle more efficient. We integrate with many:

  • Email Tools

    Get more out of your sales and marketing collateral by emailing a CloseFox Link.

  • Website Tools

    Capture more leads on your website by embedding your content on your website using CloseFox.

  • Sales Enblement Tools

    Add intelligent links to your mass customized email templates. We'll automatically identify the viewer.

  • Marketing Automation Tools

    Add intelligent content links when you want to share new videos, documents and urls with your online community.

  • Social Networks

    Get more data from your LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook outreach with intelligent links.

  • Video Hosting Sites

    Easily convert YouTube or Vimeo links to your emails or websites. Analyze engagement and generate leads.

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