Embed trackable videos and documents on your website

Content Marketing

  • Generate Leads

    CloseFox automatially detects a lead from your network. If it is the first time that an individual engages with your content then an email capture form will appear.

  • Heat Maps

    Use heat maps to visualize engagement.

  • Content Engagement Reports

    See aggregate heat maps for your content in order to identify and improve gaps in your story.

Use CloseFox links to generate leads from your account based marketing campaigns.

Account Based Marketing

  • Identify Real Engagement

    Get far more engagement data than simple email opens and clicks.

  • Prioritize Leads

    Send leads to your sales development team based on real buying intent.

  • Test your videos, urls and documents

    Know which content is working to generate leads and improve your campaign accordingly. Use CloseFox links easily in your A/B testing.

  • Log everything to Pardot

    Automatically log all the data to Pardot.

Create targeted messaging and connect the dots between marketing campaigns and sales cadence.

Account Based Sales

  • Know who to call

    CloseFox compares your prospect's engagement across our network so you can be certain that they are ready for a call.

  • Test calls to action

    Don't just send an email to a prospect and hope for the best. Know what works!

  • Log to your CRM

    Everything is automatially logged to Salesforce.

  • Communicate with marketing

    Engagement reports from your links is automatically sent to marketing so that they can help improve your campaign.

Use your content in your Twitter, LinkedIn & Facebook Campaigns

Social Selling

  • Track your social network conversations

    Send trackable sales messages via LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

  • Generate leads from social posts

    Identify engaged leads from your social posts.

  • Add social to your sales cadence

    Social engagement is automatically added to your sales and marketing CRM.

know what has engaged your prospects across your your network.

Prospecting Intelligence

  • Know your target prospect

    Know exactly how your prospect is engaging with your content from your website, marketing campaigns and sales campaigns.

  • Rank your prospects

    We evaluate your target customer's engagment across your network.

  • Real time sales notifications

    We will put top prospects in the front of the call list.

Analyze and improve your videos, documents, blogs, and news

Marketing Analytics

  • Aggregate engagement reports

    Visualize content engagement across your marketing and sales organization.

  • Improve your message

    Leverage our data to make better videos, blogs, news, and documents for your sales and marketing organization.

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